Terms and Conditions

The business "work2research" works in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions (Terms of Business) unless alternative arrangements have first been agreed in writing

1. There shall be no disclosure of any confidential information relating to work2research or of any clients

2. The time required to undertake the research depends on factors outside our control. While the business will use its best endeavours to satisfy any timing constraints, estimated completion dates shall not be deemed to be undertakings, warranties or contractual conditions

3. All conclusions and forecasts are based on the information at the time and are not to be deemed an undertaking, warranty or contractual condition. In no circumstances shall work2research be liable for loss of profit or any other consequential damages arising out of the findings, conclusions and forecasts

4. Intellectual property whether in the form of computer compatible data or reports or other forms of publication shall remain vested in work2research unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5. The client shall have the right to make use of them for their own purposes subject to payment being paid in accordance with our terms of business but they shall not be published or circulated outside of the client's business unless these arrangements are first agreed in writing with work2research

6. The cost of a report will be determined at the time of publication unless otherwise stated. This includes all research expenses, travel and incidental expenses. The cost excludes delivery and postage charges, VAT and applicable taxes. Such costs where incurred will be itemised and invoiced

7. The cost of a report may be amended should circumstances arise that could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of publication

8. Payment is to be paid in UK pounds () by Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer, money transfer, money order or banker's draft. Please make all payments payable to work2research

Bankers: Santander UK plc (Abbey Business plc), Business Banking, 301 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5NT. Sort Code: 09?6?6. Account No: 40540082

9. Payment is raised on the full amount and paid prior to delivery unless otherwise stated. Confirmation of payment paid is required before any report is sent

10. The business reserves the right to cancel any order should the client be found to be in breach of our Terms of Business. The client can cancel any order but may be subject to a cancellation penalty payable to work2research. Confirmation of a cancellation request will be sent to the named delivery address

11. Confirmation of payment will be submitted to the client at the address indicated in their communication that confirms acceptance of our Terms of Business. Any particular delivery requirements by the client must be agreed at the time that our Terms of Business are accepted

12. English law governs the contract between the business and the client and the parties undertake to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts

Privacy Policy

Work2research is committed to protecting your privacy under the Data Protection Act 1998. This page summarises the privacy policy and practices of work2research

1. Personal information is only collected from you during your visits to our website. This information is only obtained when you contact us by email or when registering an interest in a product or service

2. You may be asked to supply us with your name, business name, address and postcode, telephone number and email address

3. All personal information that you do provide is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998 and cannot be disclosed or shared with any Third Parties without your written consent. You have the right of access to this information

4. Visitor information including email addresses to our website will not be sold, shared, traded, rented or disclosed to anyone outside of work2research nor will it be used to create individual profiles

5. Personal information can be removed by sending an email to info@work2research.com

6. Work2research uses "cookies" to store information during a visit to our website. Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your hard drive

They identify registered users without the need to ask for registration details every time you access our website. By using cookies, this makes accessing our website easier and more convenient

7. You can delete cookies from your hard drive by removing your Temporary Internet Files after each session on the Internet either manually or using appropriate software

8. Some of the information collected by using cookies includes:

a. The name of the Internet Service Provider (IPS), its IPS address and server. No attempt is made to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our website

b. The length of each visit, the number of requests per visit, the type of operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac OSX) and browser type (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Yahoo)

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please send an email to info@work2research.com



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